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This poignant love story of a father for his son is at once funny, heartbreaking,
and hopeful. In it a young man teaches his entire family “a new way to
die” with wit, candor, and, remarkable grace. Richard Lischer’s son, Adam,
calls to tell his father, a professor of divinity at Duke University, that his
cancer has returned. Despite the crushing magnitude of his diagnosis and
the cruel course of the illness, Adam’s growing weakness evokes in him an
unexpected strength. This is the story of one last summer and the young man
who lived it as honestly and faithfully as possible. We meet Adam in many
phases of his growing up, but always through the narrow lens of his undying
hope, when in the final season of his life he becomes his family’s (and his father’s)
spiritual leader. Honest in its every dimension, Stations of the Heart is
an unforgettable book about life and death and the terrible blessing of saying
good-bye. We hope you’ll join us to read and discuss this book, as it touches
our own stories of grief and hope.
Books are available in the church office for $16. The conversation will be on
Wednesday, January 20th at 7:00 pm. The link to join the Zoom discussion
is as follows: (Meeting ID: 878 8721
5318). If you need any assistance with Zoom, please reach out to our church